Taijiquan theory and body usage

Traditional Chen-style Taijiquan is characterized by Fa jin(発勁, release of internal power) and actual combat techniques like Zhou (肘, elbow technique ) and Gao(靠, body blow ) . Although the routine of Chen-style Taijiquan may look weak at first glance, as a matter of fact, it uses stretch-power and is actually very powerful.
These points are covered in the videos below.

Video: Taijiquan theory and body usage

A stretch-power routine.
Chen-style Taijiquan New Frame First Routine , Di San Jin Gang Dao Dui (Third Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar)
Taijiquan approaches to offence and defence
Lan Zha Yi (Lazy About Tying the Coat)
She Ji Cong Ren (forget yourself and obey (follow, yield) your opponent)
Hou Fa Xian Zhi (launching later but reaching first)
the theory of toy drum called 'denden-taiko'
Shí zì shǒu (Cross Hands)
The Taijiquan approach to Kicks
From a martial arts point-of-view - application of Zhou (肘, elbow technique ) - Gao(靠, body blow )
Taijiquan Fa jin (発勁, release of internal power)
Martial arts related meaning of:
plane-type attack -External power: by matching shoulder & hip, knee & elbow, ankle & wrist
Internal Power from: use of concious, extension and contraction of the backbone
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